3D Safety is a market leader in the areas of Compliance Management, OHS and industry specific Safety Training (RTO 90931).

We use a structured and pragmatic approach to provide safety compliance solutions to the mining, industrial and construction industries.


3D Safety currently operates across the entire eastern coast of Australia, employing a team of highly skilled mobile staff that service the safety and compliance needs of more than 1,500 organisations.

Our approach is focused on mitigating risk, delivering training and addressing specific compliance requirements.  We address the 3 Dimensions (3D) of safety found in every organisation: PEOPLE PLANT PROCESS

3D Safety’s structured approach to safety and compliance management provides you with certainty and confidence that you are meeting your compliance requirements, but more importantly, it enables you to prove it.

The team at 3D Safety are expert risk managers, specialising in compliance programmes across mining, infrastructure, utilities and construction industries.

We assist out clients meet their compliance requirements through our 5-step approach:

Step 1:  Identifying and assessing risks

Step 2:. Communicating with your employees

Step 3:  Performing equipment auditing, inspection and testing

Step 4:  Conducting training for your employees

Step 5:  Delivering information and record management systems