The world's leading first-aid treatment against burns.

When a burn occurs, seconds count. Water-Jel products are effective, versatile and approved for emergency first aid burn treatment in a pre-hospital setting. Our product line includes gel-soaked fire blankets, burn dressings, topical gels, burn kits, first aid products and more.

Waterjel is the best on-site first-aid treatment for burns.

More than 20 years ago, WaterJel introduced water-based gel technology that revolutionised the emergency first aid treatment of burns.

Easy to apply and very effective immediate treatment

Water-Jel is a water-based, water-soluble gel that draws the heat out of a burn while it relieves the pain, cools the skin, and protects against airborne contamination.

Burn injuries are very common and a quick treatment can prove the difference in the recovery process.

Every seventeen seconds someone will be burned. Some of these burns will be minor, caused by touching an iron or grill.