For over 25 years 3D Safety has been offering on-site compliance testing for welding and oxy fuel gas equipment

3D Safety performs various types of inspections and compliance services. Under  Australian Standard 4839, mobile oxygen fuel equipment and accessories should be subject to an inspection and testing programme at a minimum of every 6 months by a qualified independent third party.

An important part of managing a productive work-site is to ensure the health and safety of all employees and contractors.

To ensure this obligation is fulfilled 3D Safety provide comprehensive safety assessments and site audits for industrial, mining or construction businesses.

Our risk management process examines the most prevalent OHS issues across industry

Our specialisation in industrial safety has provided us with both practical and theoretical knowledge of end-to-end risk mitigation and control.

Expert hazard management reports enable you to create and maintain a safer workplace.

Our hazard management process takes into account all areas of workplace safety, following our industry leading methodology.

Safety compliance inspections for oxygen / fuel equipment and related gas accessories.

It is a national requirement under the Australian Standard AS4839-2001 that all oxy/fuel gas equipment must be inspected, tested and tagged by a qualified independent third party.

Under the Australian Standard AS1674.2 all Electrical Welding Equipment must be subject to regular Inspection and Audit Testing.

The 3D Safety inspection and audit process involves the systemtical and thourough examination of all electric welding equipment.

Welding Management Plans (WMP) should be reviewed and updated every three years.

Our team of specialists can assist you to ensure your WMP incorporates changes to legislation, standards and industry best practice.