Safety compliance inspections for oxygen / fuel equipment and related gas accessories.

It is a national requirement under the Australian Standard AS4839-2001 that all oxy/fuel gas equipment must be inspected, tested and tagged by a qualified independent third party.

3D Safety is a market leader in Plant Inspection Audit Testing (PIAT) for oxy / fuel gas equipment, including function and pressure testing of regulators, hand pieces, hoses and flashback arrestors.

Our highly skilled technicians perform the testing and tagging inspections at any location across Australia, following an industry leading and proven methodology.

Our PIAT Process:

-  Technician examines gas equipment and follows systematic testing procedure.
-  Structural, functional, pressure and leak testing performed.
-  Each plant item recorded in an individual report.
-  Non-compliant or faulty equipment identified in reporting documents.
-  Report cross referenced to relevant Australian Standard and manufacturer’s specifications.
-  Plant register updated (if required).


If your organisation uses oxy / fuel gas equipment and want more information on the Australian Standard or compliance requirements call our office on 1300 663 195.