Our risk management process examines the most prevalent OHS issues across industry

Our specialisation in industrial safety has provided us with both practical and theoretical knowledge of end-to-end risk mitigation and control.

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Unfortunately for a lot of businesses, risk management becomes yet another process either overlooked or under resourced. Not investing in sufficient risk management processes could effect:

-  Health and safety of employees, clients, contractors and visitors

-  Business and operational productivity

-  Financial position of the business

-  Company credibility and reputation

-  Plant, equipment and the environment

The 3D Safety risk management process follows a proven and systematic approach to avoid, reduce and control risks in the workplace.

Steps in the risk management process

-  Initial consultation.

-  Scope of work development and context establishment.

-  Considerations from internal stakeholders.

-  Identification of risks: physical, financial, legal, ethical

-  Preliminary analysis of risks: extreme, high, moderate and low

-  Final review and evaluation on risks identified: likelihood vs consequence comparison.

-  Development of risk management documents followed by discussion and resolution meeting.

-  Development of resolution and corrective action plan.

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