Our Confined Space Training is designed for any personnel that either work in a confined space area or operate breathing apparatus in a confined space.

Participants in the course will learn everything surrounding confined space safety, including hazard identification, risk management and required permits to work.

Confined-Space-Caution-Sign-S-0701In addition to this participants will learn how to safely operate various types of tools and equipment in confined areas safely.


Topics Covered


-  What is a confined space and how to identify one

-  Why confined spaces pose greater levels of risk

-  How to identify hazards in confined spaces

-  Confined space Australian Standards and specific legislation

-  Policies, procedures and best practice

-  How to record and monitor atmospheric pressures and  hazardous gasses.

-  Fire and emergency procedures

-  Confined space Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

-  Correct use and handling of breathing apparatus

-  Examples of past cases where confined space safety went wrong


Successful completion of the course will entitle participants to a nationally accredited certificate of attainment in Confined Space.


To enquire about our Confined Space Entry Training call 1300 663 195 or fill in the registration form on the right.