A nationally accredited course on preparing materials and performing routine heating and thermal cutting.

This Unit of Competency is an elective unit from the qualification MEM10105 ‐ Certificate I in Engineering.


This training module has a theory component delivered in the training room and a practical component delivered in the workshop utilising work practices that your employees currently undertake.



-  To ensure participants can prepare materials and perform routine heating and thermal cutting

-  To remove complacency and apathy in relation to the inherent risks of using gas equipment

-  To achieve an awareness and respect for the use of such equipment.


-  Each trainee receives a handbook containing technical details of the operational procedures for the equipment they use

-  Video footage of actual accident sites graphically illustrating the catastrophic effects of cylinder explosions and on the basic operation functions of flashback arrestors

-  Detailed explanation of the hazards associated with compressed gases

-  Introduction and explanation of safety devices for use on oxygen and fuel gas systems.



-  The training session moves to the workshop for a practical introduction and explanation of the correct operating procedures for the equipment

-  Identify unsafe work practices and provide factual information

-  Demonstrating the functional characteristics of the equipment and their operating capacity with different materials



-  Safely perform manual heating, thermal cutting and gouging

-  To use the correct equipment for the process involved and observe the Australian Standard guidelines

-  Assembly and disassembly and operation of the equipment on a range of materials



Course duration is 2 days (approx 16 hours total) - 7:30am-3:30pm each day. Duration may be reduced depending on attendee skill level.


-  Physical ability to successfully complete practical tasks and assessments

-  Ability to understand and speak English



Upon successful completion a Statement of Attainment and Wallet Card will be issued for:

MEM05007C – Perform Manual Heating & Thermal Cutting


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