A non-accredited awareness course on the handling of Oxygen and Fuel Gas Systems.


This training module has a theory component delivered in the training room and a practical component delivered in the workshop utilising current work practices that your employees undertake at present.


- Each trainee receives a handbook containing technical details of the operational procedures for the equipment they use

- Video footage of actual accident sites graphically illustrating the catastrophic effects of cylinder explosions

- Detailed explanation of the hazards associated with compressed gases  

- Instructional video on the basic operation functions of flashback arrestors

- Introduction and explanation of safety devices for use on oxygen and fuel gas systems

- A questionnaire to assess each trainee’s retention of the information presented



- The training session moves to the workshop for a practical introduction and explanation of the correct operating procedures for the equipment

- Dispelling common myths and unsafe work practices

- Demonstrating the functional characteristics of the equipment and their operating capacity



- To identify the level of competence of each person using hot work equipment

- To remove complacency and apathy and concern in relation to the inherent risks associated the equipment

- To achieve an awareness and respect for the use of such equipment  



- To identify unsafe work practices

- To identify faulty equipment

- To use the correct equipment for the process involved  

- Observe the Australian Standard guidelines

- To report all incidents and faults to the designated person