A non-accredited awareness course that covers how to store, handle and transport gas cylinders safely.


This training module has a theory component delivered in the training room and a practical component delivered in the workshop utilising current work practices that employees undertake at present.


- Each participant receives a handbook containing the contents of the session

- An outline of the regulatory requirements in regards to the storage, handling and transportation of compressed gas cylinders

- Detailed explanation of the hazards associated with compressed gasses

- Video footage of an actual accident sites graphically illustrating the catastrophic effects of cylinder explosions

- A questionnaire to assess each trainee’s retention of the information presented



- As a group a practical assessment of the trainee’s cylinder storage on site



- To identify the level of competence of each person to handle compressed gases

- To remove complacency and apathy and concern in relation to the inherent risks associated with this process

- To achieve an awareness and respect for the potential for this task to cause serious injuries to all involved



- To identify unsafe work practices

- To identify and assess hazardous work practices

- Observe all regulatory requirements

- To report all incidents and faults to the designated person