A non-accredited awareness course proven to increase competence in Electric Welding and reduce the associated risks.

Electric Welding Safety includes recent improvements and changes to best practice which have impacted the way safe electric welding is performed in the workplace.


- Each participant receives a handbook containing the contents of the session

- An outline of the regulatory requirements in regards to welding with electricity

- Detailed explanation of safety devices available in industry

- Detailed explanation of safe and unsafe work practices

- Detailed explanation of identifying hazards associated with electric welding equipment

- Practical assessment of your weld bay area (group activity)

- A questionnaire to assess each trainee’s retention of the information presented



- As a group a practical inspection of the weld bay area is completed to assess your sites welding environment and compliance of equipment within



- To identify the level of competence of each person operating electric welding equipment

- To remove complacency and apathy and concern in relation to the inherent risks associated with this process

- To achieve an awareness and respect for the potential for this task to cause serious injuries to all involved



- To identify unsafe work practices

- To identify and assess hazardous work practices

- To use the correct equipment for the process involved

- Observe all regulatory requirements

- To report all incidents and faults to the designated person


eletric welding