Tradespeople use power tools every day but few have been properly trained in correct use and maintenance.

The 3D Safety Power Tool program focusses on proper power tool use and maintenance identifying all associated risks and hazards.


Areas covered in the training:

-  Detailed explanation of angle grinder safety principles

-  Maintenance and prestart routines

-  Different power tool types (electric, petrol, pneumatic, hydraulic, explosive)

-  Group discussion of past accidents and how they could have been prevented

-  Detailed explanation of the regulatory inspection and maintenance requirements.

Course Outcomes and Objectives

-  To identify and assess unsafe or hazardous work practices

-  Increase the awareness of power tool safety and of the immediate environment in which they are used

-  To change attitudes to safety by demonstrating practical risk management strategies which work

-  Use the correct tool for the job and use it correctly