Emergency Fire and Evacuation training is a mandatory requirement for all employees of Australian businesses.


In order to comply with the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and Australian Standard 3745 training in emergency fire evacuation must be deliver to employees annually

36E152CB5E884CDCAFB50947D0596821Our experienced trainers will customise each presentation to suit your requirements to provide compliance for your facility / property and personnel.

Warden Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training

Warden training equipsindividually appointed employees with significant knowledge related to effective and controlled evacuation of various emergencies. This type of training ensures that the Wardens understand the risks and dangers throughout the premises. This also ensures that the Warden knows what to do in case an emergency incident develops and includes practical demonstrations using fire extinguishers.

Fire Safety Training

Designed for all general staff from any workplace, this course provides an overview and awareness of workplace emergencies, building emergency systems and procedures and fire fighting equipment.

The highest priority must be to evacuate everyone from an emergency affected area in a safe and orderly fashion.

Evacuation procedures and staff roles and responsibilities in the plan are of utmost importance and with training scheduled for staff every 12 months, compliance with Occupation, Health and Safety requirements and Australian Standard 3745 is achieved.