Safe Transport, Storage and Handling of Gas Cylinders is a comprehensive training module aimed at any employee involved in hot work or oxy / fuel activity.

The program is presented through a blended delivery method using theory (delivered in the training room) and practical (delivered in the workshop) utilising relevant on-the-job work practices.


This course delivers detailed content which is specifically applied to your workplace situation, providing practical outcomes for cylinder safety on site.

Areas covered in the training:

- An outline of the regulatory requirements in regards to the storage, handling and transportation of compressed gas cylinders

- Detailed explanation of the hazards associated with compressed gasses

- Video footage of an actual accident sites graphically illustrating the catastrophic effects of cylinder explosions

- Practical assessment of the cylinder storage on site


Course Outcomes and Objectives

- To identify and improve the level of competence of each person to handle compressed gases

- To remove complacency and apathy and concern in relation to the inherent risks associated with this process

- To achieve an awareness and respect for the safe use, storage and handling of compressed gas cylinders

- To identify and assess unsafe or hazardous work practices