A nationally accredited program covering hazard identification, risk management and best practice in working at heights.

Participants in the course will learn advanced concepts on how to work safely at heights through a combined delivery approach, using both theory and practical exercises.

Working-at-heights2It is a legal requirement that any person, regardless of industry, who performs any type of work more than 2 meters off the ground, must be trained in working at heights. This one-day course is ideally suited to workers in the construction and mining industries, who either work above 2 meters or where fall protection equipment is required.


Our working at heights course is performed by our experience height safety trainers who have years of experience in number of industries and trades.


Topics Covered:


-  Initial height safety considerations

-  How to identify and manage height safety risks

-  Legislation and Australian Standards

-  Performing a working at heights risk assessment

-  Proper use of fall protection equipment (PPE)

-  Emergency Plan

-  Case studies where height safety has gone wrong


 Successful completion of the course will entitle participants to a nationally accredited Certificate of Attainment in Working at Heights.


 Duration: 1 Day 


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